Class of 2024 Recognition Day 2

The 2nd Day of Recognition for the Class of 2024 began bright and early with chilly temperatures and low cloud cover. 


Today was centered around four events and the squadrons were divided into morning and afternoon sessions.  The events were Hero Workout of the Day on Stillman Field, Ropes Course, Academy Tour around the Terrazzo and STAND-UPS in service dress in Fairchild Hall.  This morning Squadrons 1-18 rotated between Stillman Field, Ropes Course and Academy Tour.  Squadrons 19-40 particpated in the STAND-UPS in Fairchild Hall.  In the afternoon, the squadrons flipped with Squadrons 1-18 in Fairchild Hall and Squadrons 19-40 rotating between the three outdoor course events.

Morning Rotation Order for Squadrons:

Squadrons 1-6: Stillman Field/Ropes Course/Terrazo

Squadrons 7-12: Terrazo/Stillman/Ropes Course

Squadrons 13-18: Ropes Course/Terrazo/Stillman

Squadrons 19-40: Stand-Ups Fairchild Hall-We did not cover this event due to Covid restrictions for Indoor events.

Afternoon Rotation Order for Squadrons: 

Squadrons 1-18: Stand-Ups Fairchild Hall-We did not cover this event due to Covid restrictions for Indoor events.

Squadrons 19-24: Stillman Field/Ropes Course/ Terrazzo

Squadrons  25-30 Terrazzo/Stillman Field/Ropes Course

Squadrons 31-40 Ropes Course/Terrazo/ Stillman Field


Each course had a different purpose and goal to completion.

Ropes Course- They were out at the Ropes Course today, but did not do the course.  Instead they did events such as the mannequin carry, human carry, toss a basketball into a bucket, and a run.


Stillman Field- Physical fitness exercise such as sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks and sprints are done to challenge the Fourth year cadets both physically and mentally.  


Academy Tour- During the Academy Tour cadets are brought to several locations on the TZO. They stop at places like the Memorial Wall,  the Core Values Ramp,  and Footprints. At each location they are brought to, the cadets engage is some high-intensity exercise. However, beyond testing the cadets physically this course displays the heritage and history of the Academy to the fourth class cadets.


It has been a grueling and challenging day for the fourth class cadets, but they can be proud of their accomplishments. Each course pushed them physically and mentally and just like with BCT they came together and helped each other complete each challenge coming out stronger than when they started. 

Tomorrow they are scheduled for the 'Run to the Rock', but Colorado Front Range (Denver to Pueblo) is expecting a severe snowstorm with possibly up to 36" of snow.  

To view photos from todays events, go to Classes > 2024 > Recognition or click on the links below.

Set Photo Order OLDEST to NEWEST

Morning Events: Squadrons 1-18 (reference above for squadron order of events)

Ropes Course Pg. 62-76    Ropes Course

Stillman Field Pg. 76-86    Stillman Field

Academy Tour Pg. 86-134  Academy Tour

Afternoon Events: Squadrons 19-40 (reference above for squadron order of events)

Ropes Coure Pg. 134-153   Ropes Course

Stillman Field Pg. 153-178  Stillman Field

Academy Tour Pg. 178-190  Academy Tour