Spirit Mission

At sunrise on 12 March, the class of '27 undertook a secret Spirit Mission that launched their Prop and Wings into space. This is the first time a Fourth class has launched their Prop and Wings into space in anticipation of Recognition. There was a lot of time, effort and calculations that went into making this mission a possibility. The cadets first attempt made for some adjustments to the payload before their second and successful attempt was celebrated. The cadets from the Class of 27 who worked on this spirit mission wished it to remain secret. They wanted this achievement to be acknowledged at Recognition Dinner where the cadets as a class were instructed to look at the prop and wings they had been presented with earlier that day, to find the one with a special marking on it that signified it had made it into space.


This mission could not have been possible without the amazing support of our special Air Force Academy supporters Chris and Shelly Kenney and 1998 graduate, Karl Falk, with BotDoc.  They provided sponsorship to make this mission happen!


Chris Kenney is the Vice President of sales and marketing at CoralTree, a hospitality company that helps create and manage properties that are developed from the heart of their communities. Chris plays a pivotal role with the new Hotel Polaris and feels strongly about understanding the history and heritage of the Academy and how he and his family can play an important role that provides opportunity for the young men and women undertaking this journey to become the next Air and Space Force Leaders of tomorrow.


Karl Falk '98, Founder and CEO of BotDoc, the global leader of secure digital transport did not falter when asked to take on the task of assisting with this secret Spirit Mission. Even more special for Karl, he also has a son in the class of 27! As a graduate of USAFA Karl knows only too well the accomplishment of each and every cadet in the Class of 27 to make it to Recognition! BotDoc is a cyber security company that is disrupting regulated industries around a new concept of ‘Secure Digital Transport’ and pioneering how ALL data will be transported in the future.


With The Kenney Family and BotDoc support, the class of '27 were able to make a dream into a reality!


A huge thank you to the cadet team, permanent party and sponsors who pulled off an unforgettable surprise and extraordinary gift to the entire Class of 27 at Recognition Dinner! 




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