2021 March Back from Jacks Valley #2

The Basic Cadets of Executioners, Flying Tigers, Guts and Hellcats have had quite a week in Jacks Valley, challenging themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of.

Before the March Out the basics were out cleaning up the area.


As they March Back to the Cadet Area, they are probably exhausted and relieved it is over. But they are also bringing back memories, good and bad, from their time in Jacks Valley with their squadmates.  Friendships for life have been formed, they have a new sense of pride in their accomplishments and self, and they can say they have truly earned their place in the Cadet Wing in a few short weeks.

Congratulations on your successful completetion of Jacks Valley!




They made it back in time before the summer showers returned to USAFA.

The March Back marks the end of Jacks Valley. Continuing coverage and photos will be in the BCT-1 album.  Enjoy the photos and WebGuy hopes everyone has a great weekend!

These photos will be in CLASSES > 2025 > BCT2 > ALL.  As always in BCT, make sure to set your photo sort to OLDEST to NEWEST to find these pages on the link below. 

 March Back Jacks Valley #2 pgs. 2104-2145