Recognition Dinner Class of 2026

Special Note: WebGuy must follow USAFA protocol and was not allowed to photograph all events during Recognition week. 

Recognition has officially ended with the Recognition Dinner in Mitchell Hall after the Prop and Wings Ceremony. The Class of 2026 has now mastered the knowledge and skills they need to be accepted into the Cadet Wing. The entire Cadet Wing was alongside them to celebrate this incredible achievement. 

Upon successfully completing Recognition, fourth class Cadets earn the right to wear the Prop and Wings insignia on their uniforms and are given more privileges and responsibilities at USAFA. The dinner signifies an end to their 303 days as Doolies. 




To view photos, go to Classes > 2026 > Recognition. Set your sort order from Oldest to Newest.

Photos of Recognition Dinner are on pages 14-31. 

You can also click the link below to access photos:

Recognition Dinner Photos