Tailor Shop - July 3

Today the WebTeam was able to cover the Barbarians and Hellcats at the Tailor shop! 

Did you know that they make all of the cadet squadron patches in house on the embroidery machine? If a squadron wants to change the design of the patch, it must be approved by the uniform board. 

This week, all cadets have been measured for their blue service dress pants, and the hemming of over 3300 pairs of pants began immediately on Monday! Each cadet gets 3 pairs of pants for their blues and their goal is to complete 1100 pairs by the end of the week! What an amazing team!

Some of you may have seen a familiar face in all the squads pictures. Mr. Eric Moore, who is in charge of cadet issue, has given a joyus presence for the basics during their visit to the tailor shop. As you can see, he brings smiles to all the appointees and makes them feel valued. Thank you for all you do Mr. Moore!



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