Just Another Week at Home

Thanks again to all who sent in photos to our email inbox, . Your continued contributions keep our blogs going. Please keep them coming so we can put up and share photos of cadets at home.

It’s almost been a week since the Class of 2020 had their Graduation on the Terrazzo and their Commissioning Ceremonies in various locations at USAFA. All Commissioning Ceremony photos are now up on the USAFA Flickr Page. We want to congratulate the Class of 2020 and thank all you families for your continual support over the last 4 years and wish your cadets best of luck in their careers in the Air Force.

In this week’s blog we have a little bit of everything. We would like to receive anything your cadet is doing that you would like to share and yes, this includes what most cadets seem to do best, eating. We hope that your food budgets haven't gotten to out of hand with your cadets being home.

Doing chores around the house and helping in the family garden.


Getting out to the great outdoors.


 Helping out with the cooking.


Finding activities to keep themselves occupied.


 One of our favorites, Cadets spending time with their pets.




 Remembering their time at USAFA.

Working out and then relaxing.


Watching the Class of 2020 graduate online and sending their love.


For all you remote “WebGuys”, keep the photos coming so we can continue to share and put blogs together. We look forward to having the cadets back so we can get back to normal, whenever that might be and get back to capturing their special moments at USAFA. Thanks again and stay safe, wherever you might be.

Please send all photos that you would like to share to, .