Can you believe it?  I-Day was a week ago tomorrow.   The days pass slowly, but the weeks pass quickly.  At this relatively early stage of BCT, a majority of the day is spent accomplishing the tasks necessary to in-process into the Air Force.  Clothing issue, medical and dental screening, finance, ID cards, security clearances.  Imagine 1200 people all starting a new job on the same day.  In between all these mundane activities, military training is going on.  Learning how to march, salute, military customs and courtesies, etc.  Add to that is all the academic testing and evaluation necessary to get every new cadet placed in the correct classes and ready to start school on August 10th.  There is a lot going on all at the same time.

So what did we cover today, you ask?  Well, for Barbarians and Guts it was the dental and vision clinics.  For Cobras, Demons, & Hellcats it was back to the tailor shop.  That leaves Aggressors and Flying Tigers.  Sorry families.  Those squadrons were busy doing security clearances and other paperwork which we can't cover.  Never fear, tomorrow is another day and lots more photo opportunities.  Remember, I said that we might not get to cover every squadron every day.  Trust me, it will all come out pretty even in the end.

A word about the dental clinic.  Because of the relaxed environment there, this venue is one of the first places where you may see a smile from your basic.  Actually, they have to smile.  The dentist needs to see those teeth.  



The photos are going up as they are edited from both the morning and the afternoon.  It may take a while, but our editors are already hard at it.  Check back throughout the evening.  The photos are sorted by squadron today.