Acceptance Day Parade Class of 2026 - Part 1

According to the USAFA website, Acceptance Day occurs once the Basic Cadet passes Basic Cadet Training (BCT). This takes place prior to the start of the academic year and is celebrated with a parade.

During the ceremony, basic cadets are accepted into the Cadet Wing, become fourth-class cadets and are placed into their academic year Cadet Squadron.

Acceptance Day is the first time that many family members have seen their sons or daughters since In-Processing Day over 2 months ago. Today was a joyous day for everyone involved!

The official motto for the class of 2026 is: "No Quit, All Grit".

During the Parade, outstanding Basic Cadets were recognized. Their names are listed below:

Aggressors: Angelina Harris

Barbarians: Hailey Tucker

Cobras: Daniel Russell 

Demons: Jacqueline Spencer

Executioners: Tyler Suess 

Flying Tigers: Nathan Goethal 

Guts: Elayna Caron 

Hellcats: Nicholas Gierach 



Photos are organized by event. More photos of families and of the picnics will be posted tomorrow. 

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March to Parade Field - Pages 1 - 70

Acceptance Day Parade - Pages 70 - 141 

Post-Parade Events - Pages 141 - 151