Airfield Fridays

Colorado weather has finally provided us with some opportunities to capture more airfield photos! While it's been pretty windy most days we've had a few great chances to get photos of all three summer programs. 

A brief recap on these programs...

Soaring Program:

Third-class cadets will complete 10 accompanied flights before they are eligible to complete their first unaccompanied flight or their first solo flight. This program provides both character and leadership development and is the first step for cadets interested in becoming future pilots in the Air Force. 

Jump Program: 

Jump is the only program in the world where the first jump is an unassisted freefall. Cadets typically spend 40 hours on the ground training and preparing before they make the jump.

Powered Flight: 

Cadets participate in "powered flights" where they are faced with real-life scenarios. Based on proficiency, a few cadets will be selected to complete solo flights. 



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