Assault Course Makeup Session

This year, due to the uncertainty and unpredictable nature of how COVID-19 would affect the training environment, Jack’s Valley make-up days were added to the end of the basic training schedule.  These make-up days serve to allow for completion of training for those that were placed in quarantine, isolation, or faced unforeseen obstacles during BCT in direct response to the pandemic.



Assault Course :The Assault Course teaches hand-to-hand combat skills and rifle fighting techniques while allowing basic cadets to practice these elements in controlled scenarios and pugil-stick competitions. The second-half of the course requires basic cadets to demonstrate these skills by completing the pugil-stick competition and negotiating a course of 18 obstacles/stations and demonstrating hand-to-hand and rifle fighting techniques in a controlled, but mentally and physically challenging environment. The course is designed to assess basic cadets' mental and physical stamina and confidence.

Stay tuned for the other courses later this week.  

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