PB & Jellies Calls It The Elvis & This Week You Can Try It For HALF PRICE!

We call it the ELVIS - and this week you can try it for HALF PRICE!




Fit for a KING!!


Cadets and Preppies..  Just for YOU this week only, in-store or for delivery, try the sandwich that has folks raving about it for HALF PRICE!   We start with your choice of freshly-made extra chunky crunchy peanut butter, then we add honey, sliced fresh bananas, and hot bacon off the grill, all grilled to perfection and delivered to you with a bag of chips and a drink, all for only $4.25!    This meal normally sells for $10.50 in the store, but because we appreciate your business so much, we are offering it to you at this special price THROUGH Sunday, February 14th!



PB & Jellies



Don't forget our Award-Winning Reuben!


"THE Best Reuben in Colorado Springs" according to the Colorado Springs Independent.  You should try it!




QUESTION!    We are considering partnering with an authentic New York Pizza house for delivery to you.  If you would like us to do this, please email our marketing person, Lexi, and share your opinion with her!