Colorado Springs Airport

Big things are happening at Colorado’s small airport.

Welcoming a new airline, added routes and great fares mean more reasons to love your local airport.

Flying in and out of the Colorado Springs Airport (COS) is incredibly easy: from the short

drive and convenient, low cost parking to the friendly smiles, small lines and the effortless

stroll to all departure gates. There’s even a fireplace in the main terminal where you can kick

up your feet. The whole experience is so comfortable and relaxing that you can recall how

stress-less travel can be.


More carriers and routes

In case you missed it, the big news at the end of 2020 was that on March 11, 2021, Southwest

Airlines is launching 13 daily flights to 5 destinations direct from COS and connecting access

to the entire Southwest Airlines network; these routes are booking now. United Airlines has

also expanded capacity and has brought back their Los Angeles (LAX) flights.

In addition to Southwest Airlines and United Airlines, Colorado’s small airport offers three

other major carriers, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Frontier Airlines that have big

options to choose from.


More competitive fares

Given the small walks, small lines and small waits, you can see why COS calls itself Colorado’s

small airport. It’s easy to fall in love with how safe, comfortable, convenient and friendly it is.

At the Colorado Springs Airport, small also means big options for carriers with direct and

one-stop flights to hundreds of destinations.


Most people, even those who love COS, pause when the conversation turns to ticket prices.

This is an area where the Airport Director, Greg Phillips, says people will be surprised in 2021.

“Southwest Airlines entering the market will not only bring a large network of service, but

competitive fares as well,” Phillips says, “As Mayor John Suthers likes to say, ‘Look before

you book.’”


Clean and safe airport

Rigorous cleaning protocols ensure your safety while the low-key, friendly employees take

great care of the airport and greet travelers like neighbors. Fewer travelers in a smaller

airport mean it’s easier to stay socially distant, safe and healthy. COS’ nearby lots offer a

pleasant stroll on a beautiful Colorado day or from the long-term lot, choose to jump on a

constantly circling, sparsely-seated free shuttle rather than undertaking a luggage-laden,

blocks-long slog or a packed tram.


More exciting news

When you drive to the Colorado Springs Airport, you might notice a lot of earth being moved

and new structures going up. That’s because the Peak Innovation Park development is

spurring new job growth.

  • New hangar space
  • A new FedEx freight warehouse
  • A new Amazon fulfillment center
  • A USDA Forest Service airtanker base and deicing pad
  • Preparation for two new hotels
  • Keep checking back, there is even more to come…

In keeping with their overall friendliness and devotion to all things local, Colorado Springs

Airport is clearly investing in the community.


All of these pieces point to one conclusion at Colorado’s

small airport: the reasons to check ticket prices — and to fly

to and from there — keep getting bigger. Check out nonstop

flights and connecting options or learn more about the

Peak Innovation Park and other business opportunities at

Colorado’s small airport.