Saturday PT for ALL Squadrons!

If we thought yesterday was really foggy, we were mistaken! This morning lower and more dense fog than yesterday and when WebGuy first arrived at the fields, we couldn't even see them! Thankfully the fog started to burn off while the squadrons were making their way to the athletic fields, outdoor court and track.


Each Squadron is scheduled for PT throughtout BCT at each of the locations listed below and will rotate between them over the next several weeks. There were two squadrons per location. The photos are separated by location, with both squadrons photos together.

Stretching exercises started each PT session to get them warmed up and ready to go! Then each squadron proceeded to do their various physical training exercises and activities.



Outdoor Track: Aggressors and Barbarians. Pull-ups, push-ups, split jumps, knee highs, and jumping jacks are just a few of the exercises the basic cadets did this morning.


Outdoor Courts: Cobras and Demons. Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, jumps, and low hurdle jumps.


Middle Athletic Field: Executioners and Flying Tigers. The cardio here consisted of running up and down the hill several times.  They also did a 2 mile run. It was nice to see squadmates cheering each other on at the end with several going back to help others finish after they had completed their run.


Lower Athletic Field: Guts and Hellcats. The lower fieled consisted of shorter sprints and lots of them. An example is 200 yard run with a 50 yard walk.  They also did a 2 mile run.


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Outdoor Track. pgs. 544-557  Aggressors and Barbarians

Outdoor Courts pgs. 557-577 Cobras and Demons

Middle Athletic Field pgs. 578-603  Executioners and Flying Tigers

Lower Athletic Field pgs. 603-619  Guts and Hellcats