It's Doolie Day Out!

Today's the day - Doolie Day Out! Wow! What a difference 32 days makes! We have watched the growth of these basic cadets, from I-Day to today, from being Footprints fledglings to becoming Jacks Valley warriors. Through our WebGuy Team lens, we have witnessed amazing growth in these young men and women. We are so proud of them!

The pick-up process began bright and early this morning. The basic cadets were up and out with the sunrise, looking sharp and ready to meet their sponsors. This is their first time donning their "blues", or blue uniforms. You may notice they have no shoulder rank yet. This will change on Acceptance Day when they are accepted into the cadet wing and officially earn their rank.

Today the basic cadets will spend the day with their sponsors. Tonight they will return to campus (a.k.a. "the hill") and, in the coming days, will prepare for Acceptance Day and their move to their academic squadrons.

We took a load of pictures for you to peruse while you're waiting for those precious phone calls today. You can find them by clicking CLASSES > 2027 > BCT2. Sort OLDEST to NEWEST. Photos will begin on page 1329.