2019 Appointees Have Arrived

This is my favorite night of the USAFA year.   All the hard work of bringing in a new USAFA class is done.  I-Day will be here in the morning no matter what.   The Appointees have started arriving.  They are ready, the Cadre are ready.  It's time.  

I went out to Colorado Springs Airport to join in the welcome for some of the appointees who arrived there this afternoon.  Certainly not the whole class, but a a good good sample.  Some of them were on the phone with their folks when I took their picture. 

Check the Class of 2019 In-Processing gallery to see if I caught your son or daughter.    This evening I dropped by the welcome dinner for the appointees from Northwestern Prep.  It was great to meet so many families there.  Congrats to the Class of 2019 from NWP.  We will look for those hawaiian shirts in the morning.  (So will the cadre) :-)

Ok.  Tomorrow morning comes early.  The WebTeam will be there to catch all the events of the day.  Check back often.

Before I forget.  We will be uploading photos all day long during BCT, not just at the end of the day.  There should be new photos anytime you check.  We will also be blogging several times a day to create the context for what your are seeing in the photos and to educate you about how the Academy works.  You will also see blog entries about the upper class summer programs going on at the same time as BCT.  We hope you enjoy it all.

See you tomorrow!