Class of 2025 Acceptance Day Parade and Events

The Acceptance Day Parade, Boards and Convocation for the Class of 2025 took place on Stillman Field today.


After reciting the oath the Class of 2025 was accepted into the Cadet Wing! Marching across the field in the inverted-wedge formation. This formation is only used twice in parades - once when a new class enters the Wing, and once more when the graduating class leaves the Wing in their graduation parade. Congratulations to the Academy's newest 4th Class Cadets!



Immediately following the Acceptance Day Parade, the new Cadets went out onto the field to join their squadron to put on their new shoulder boards. The shoulder boards now show them as 4th year cadets. Parents were allowed onto Stillman Field to be with their cadet as they put on their new shoulder boards.        




Following the Acceptance Parade, there was the 3nd Annual Convocation Ceremony, led by Brig. Gen. Linell A. Letendre, the Dean of Faculty. Much like how graduation marks the end of the academic year, convocation is an academic ceremony to mark the beginning of the academic year and the collegiate careers of the Academy’s newest cadets. There was a C130 Aircraft flyover at the start of the Ceremony.



As the Class of 2025 ends their Basic Cadet Training, the convocation ceremony also served as a point of transition from the arduous military training they’ve endured the last five weeks to the top-tier academic coursework they will experience at the Academy.

Cadets and Parents had some time after the festivities to be together and to enjoy one of the many food trucks that were present. The new cadets enjoyed any food that was not from Mitchell Hall or Jacks Valley dining facility!



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