4th Annual Forged in Blue Ceremony

4th Annual Forged in Blue Ceremony

August 4, 2021, 1600 hrs

Doolittle Hall

  The 4th Annual Forged in Blue ceremony was held this evening. During the evening's ceremony, Academy rings were melted into a gold ingot.  The making of the gold ingot starts the production process for the Class of 2023 Academy rings, symbolizing the commitment and involvement of the Long Blue Line as the Class of 2023 commits to the United States Air Force.




 The ingot will include the following donated rings (in order of presentation):

Mr. Jon Wroblewski ’71—Deceased

Mr. John Muse ‘73

Col (Retired) Ronald Scott ‘73

Lt Col (Retired) William Diffley ‘73

Gen (Retired) Norton Schwartz ‘73

Mr. Kenneth Vargas-Charlesworth ‘73

Lt Col (Retired) Michael Nishimuta ’73—Deceased

Monsignor Stephen Rossetti ‘73

Col (Retired) James Lemons ‘73

Lt Col (Retired) Dean Haylett ’73—Deceased

Col (Retired) John Wigington ‘73

Lt Col (Retired) Michael Tillman ‘73

Mr. Richard Anselm ‘73

Maj Gen (Retired) John Barry ‘73

 Also added to the ingot will be a portion of the previous melt, the “Forever Ingot,” presented by Mr. Marty Marcolongo, ’88, President and COO of the Association of Graduates.

We will be back tomorrow with our 2023 Commitment Dinner Blog and photos.

To view all these photos go to, Galleries > Public Gallery > pg 1521 or click the link below.

4th Annual Forged in Blue Ceremony