Cadets at Home Weekly Update

Thanks again to our “Remote Webguys”, your continued sharing of photos of your cadets has given us the contents for the Cadet at Home Blogs.

The Jennis family has 4 cadets staying with them in Jacksonville, Florida since the release of Cadets in mid March due to the Pandemic. Since the DOD issued a no fly mandate for military personnel they have to stay with them for the duration. The cadets were only supposed to be with them for 5 days.


Tommy Shaw - Michigan

Billy Mitchell - Arizona

Jake Viera - Massachusetts

Nick Jennis - Florida

They are all in their 2nd year at USAFA.

Jennifer Mitchell put together a funny pamphlet in regard to their structure and future memories of this event in history.



 Homecoming for Usafa recent graduate Mikaela Vega.

2 LT Zachary Bradley, took his parade cap over to this boy as a surprise. Here is a picture of the boy watching graduation and posing with the cap after Zachary gave it to him!



Cadet Andrew Hootman Viking C9, helping his little brother with school assignments.


Working out at home.

C3C’s building a table for USAFA and taking a break fishing.


Saturday break. Catch & Release at Rio Gurabo, PR. Not bad for Ignacio's 1st time fishing! Also, getting a new set of wheels.


Here is C1C Jake Margraf indulging in some serious Legos during the break in classes.

Taking advantage of being home to fly with a 1977 grad and work on her PPL.

Cadet Hess with Doodles, Boulder and Lou.

Thanks again to all of you who have shared photos. If you would like to share pictures of your cadets activities, please send them to our email at .