Airmanship Demo Day

Well, another BCT day is in the books.  The morning was dedicated to a preview of all the USAFA airmanship programs.  They got to see demonstrations from Jump, Soaring, Powered Flight, and Remote Piloted Aircraft.  All of these programs are available to them as cadets and we will be covering your cadets in all of them starting next summer. 


The afternoon was supposed to be flight drill, but due to a last minute schedule change the basics got to clean their rooms for a SAMI.  Here's another acronym.  Saturday AM Inspection.  Of course they don't always happen on Saturdays, but the name has stuck.  Sorry that there was no photo coverage.  We did, however make it up to you with coverage of a new assessment for BCT.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I think the photos below give you a pretty good idea of what is involved in Aquatic Screening.  As soon as we find our when the drill evaluations will be rescheduled we will cover them.

Aquatic Screening assessments during BCT will help the Academy's Athletic Department place them in the right classes for PE Swimming rather than testing them in the Academic Year.

Enjoy todays coverage and check back tomorrow.  The Aquatics photos are sorted by squadon, so far Barbarians and Executioners have taken their Aquatic Screening tests. Pictures are still uploading from this coverage so check back later!

I will be greeting the new preppie parents at their I-Day tomorrow, but I will be back here tomorrow night.  Till then,  Have a great evening.