Photos Are All Up For Monday

Today our major coverage was Aggressors and Barbarians in our building for their tour.  We did get some Demons in the cadet store as well.  I am always amazed at how interested everyone is in the AOG library, Basics and Cadre alike.  Many cadets only see Doolittle on I-Day and that is really minimal.  I asked some of the Cadre if they had ever been here since and no one had.  I really enjoyed watching everyone look at a building through new eyes.  Don't be surprised if your cadet wants to bring you by here to see the library and the Southeast Asia Pavilion when you visit. 


Tomorrow is the Doolittle Tour for Executioners and uniform issue for Guts.  Plus we'll also be back at the airfield for you upper class families for more jump.

We're headed home while it is almost still light out for a change.  Not sure what to do with that.  I'll probably still turn on my headlights.   Enjoy the photos.  I will leave you with  a message from this creative Basic.  Have a good Evening.