What To Expect During The Academic Year

Our coverage of your Cadets is far from over, while over the course of the Summer we were providing coverage just about every day the Academic year is slightly different day to day wise but our coverage range included many different events.

Those of you who were glued to your computer screens during BCT this summer most likely saw random blogs about upperclassmen programs. That is far from over! During the Academic year we will continue to stop by down at the Airfield for glimpses of Jump, Soaring and Powered Flight as well as RPA up on the hill. Keep in mind, with the Academic Year now upon us you will most likely see less coverage of specific classes and more generalized coverage. So any of our coverage in the programs mentioned above will be under Galleries in Airmanship.

Under Galleries you will also notice, Academics, Military Training and Extracurricular. We don't tend to do too much coverage Academically but it does happen. Under Military Training you will see premade Galleries such as; Recognition, BCT Cadre (for those Cadre pictures from this past summer), PFT/AFT - just like during BCT we will be catching glimses of the Academic Year PFT and AFT if we can though with it being during the school year it is spread out over several days and the Cadets will show up for both when their schedule allows. Throughout the school year Cadets will participate it different types of workshops, forums, etc and as we cover those we will go into more detail about each event. Lastly, the Extracurricular Gallery - this is where most of our year round coverage will go. We will have the opportunity to get coverage of many different types of Cadet Clubs, from Women's Lacrosse to the Air Force Racing Team. Our coverage of Parents Weekend falls under Extracurricular so in a few weeks that's where the pictures we take will end up. There are so many other things that we cover during the year, so make sure to keep checking in with us every couple of days. We will be getting year round coverage both at the Academy and the Prep School so I hope you enjoy this years coverage to come.

Starting off our Academic Year coverage was CLES this past Sunday. What is CLES?

The Cadet Commanders’ Leadership Enrichment Seminar (CLES) is a leadership development workshop hosted by the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership (DFBL) in partnership with the Center for Character and Leadership Development (CCLD).  During the seminar, a multiple mission partner team of leadership coaches, mentors, and experts from throughout USAFA prepare 150 cadet commanders and intercollegiate team captains per year to lead change in the Cadet Wing by achieving their unit goals.  Cadets arrive to CLES with a desired goal, and then work with their cadet peers and a team of experts to evolve their goal into a specific action plan after considering issues of planning, communication, motivation, and feedback.  DFBL has hosted CLES each Fall, Spring and Summer semester since 1983 with the generous support of the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) Association of Graduates (AOG).

The pictures from our coverage of CLES will be under Classes - 2017 - Character and Leadership Development. You will also be able to find them under Galleries - Military Training - Character and Leadership Development. During the Academic Year we will provide a link at the bottom of every blog that will take you to the first page of each of our coverage events but we will also share how to get there on your own. 

CLES Top 47 click here to get to the CLES pictures!

Tonight is 2018's Commitment Dinner which we will be attending, we will be posting those tomorrow and will go into detail in tomorrow's blog.

For now, I hope this helped to explain a little bit of what will be going on during the year.

Check back tomorrow for our coverage of Commitment Dinner!