PT for Squadrons A-D

PT continued for Aggressors, Barbarians, Cobras and Demons today on the Outdoor Courts and Track.  The other four squadons were doing the Phyiscal Fitness Test (PFT) at the Indoor Track this morning.

Class of 2025 Motto: Never Quit, Never Settle 

All Squadrons should have rotated between the four locations, Middle and Lower Athletic Fields, Outdoor Track, and Outdoor Court.  After a week of PT, the basic cadets are getting into shape and adjusting to the higher altitude.  The higher altitude definitely affects the performance for those not used to the lack of oxygen.  Thankfully they have all done well and are adapting.

Outdoor Track: Cobras and Demons- Stretching, pull-ups, sit-ups, knee highs, and burpees were just a few of the exercises the basic cadets performed at the outdoor track.


Outdoor Courts: Aggressors and Barbariansstretches, push-ups, low hurdle jumps, and sprints were a few of the exercises performed today.


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Outdoor Track pgs. 790-808  Cobras and Demons

Outdoor Court pgs. 808 (bottom of the page)-834  Aggressors and Barbarians