Acceptance Day Information!

It’s the last official Sunday of BCT, which means Acceptance Day is Tuesday! Are you getting excited? We sure are! Since August 2 you have seen WebGuy go dark to an extent on the USAFA side. That does not mean that things are not happening but a few schedule shifts to Academic year on things, the rest of the Wing coming back, briefings and computer issues and well there’s nothing we were allowed to cover. Don’t worry, the Basics are busy and well taken care of! We hope this gave you time to review all the pictures from the summer, reconnect with family you ignored while finding pictures and clean the house! Trust me, that’s what a lot of the WebGuy staff did with their weekend off. Never fear, Tuesday we will be back at it in full force out to cover Acceptance Day the best we can since we know not everyone can make it. Just a note, we cannot live stream it, if anyone will, it will be the Academy Official Facebook Page. But we’ll take a ton of pictures because that’s what we do best!


Now on to the promised A Day information to help you plan your time here for it. Below is some information on Acceptance Day Parade on 7 Aug 18, 9:00 am on Stillman Field.


The Weather Call will be at 6:30 am.  If the parade is cancelled there will not be a parade, but you can still see your cadet.    There will be 3 foodtrucks outside the Field house and one possibly inside the Field House and 3 foodtrucks outside Arnold Hall.   The Food court will be open in Arnold Hall as well as well as the Cadet’s dining facility….Mitchell Hall.  Cadets must remain on the base, but you can also go to the Golf Course, the Falcon Club, Bowling Alley and Burger King (with your cadet as escort).


Check with your cadet on the return time, but normally it is 1:00 pm or so.  Ensure you leave enough time for your cadet to get to their next duty location.  Your cadet will have their cell phone so you can connect.  Below is the schedule. After the parade feel free to go onto the field and meet your cadet and watch the upper classmen put on their rank (shoulder boards). Once done your cadet will be released for lunch with you.


Pre-Parade Sequence of Events

0700 Northgate will open for parents

0825-0850: Falconry and Saber Drill

0855: Opening narration begins

0900: Cannon fire / March On


To help you find your cadet, the squadrons are organized from your left to your right. Cadets squadrons 1-10 followed by squadrons 11-20. To the right of the center are Cadet squadron(s) 21-39, followed by 31-40.


That is all for today, if we find out any new information on Acceptance Day tomorrow we will definitely share. Until then rest those eyes because Tuesday the hunt is back on!