Falcon Hockey vs. Colorado College Tigers

The USAFA Falcon hockey team hosted Colorado College Tigers Friday night while wearing B-52 heritage uniform.  It was a treat to see the hockey team in the heritage uniform and it added a little extra something to the hockey game!

It was a tight game with the Falcons and Tigers trading goals throughout the first period.  The Falcons scored two back to back goals giving them the lead.  The Tigers came back with a goal of their own with the teams tied.  Air Force was in the lead 4-3 with only 42 seconds left in the 3rd period.  Colorado College scored a goal sending the game into overtime.  Air Force won 5-4 when Will Gavin scored a goal in overtime!  You can read more and get statistics on the Official USAFA Hockey page or click on the link.  Falcon Hockey vs. Colorado College Tigers




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