Physical Training (PT)

The basics were out at the athletic fields, outdoor basketball courts, the indoor track at the Field House, and in the HAC (Holaday Athletic Center).

We were able to separate photos of Executioners and Guts into their individual squad folders because they were the only squads in the Field House and the HAC. The other 3 areas had 2 squads in each, and we were unable to separate these areas. Below will be a start page on which 2 squads were, where and what page number they start on.

 Upper Athletic Field (Aggressors and Barbarians)


 Lower Athletic Field (Cobras and Demons)


Outdoor Basketball Courts (Flying Tigers and Hellcats)


 Field House (Executioners)


 HAC (Guts)


For future reference, each station was different from each other and throughout BCT the squads will rotate through each area on specific days.


Here is where to find each squad. Go to Classes > 2024 >BCT 1 and select All. Please make sure you select your sort to oldest to newest so you are on the page that you want to start. 

Agressors and Barbarians - Start pg. 181 (pg 181-195). Aggressors an Barbarians pg 181.

Cobras and Demons - Start pg. 159 (pg. 159-173). Cobras and Demons pg. 159

Flying Tigers and Hellcats - Start pg. 144 (pg 144-159). Flying Tigers and Hellcats pg. 144

Executioners and Guts, You have it easy, just go to the squad folder (Executioners OR Guts) in BCT 1. Then select your sort to newest to oldest.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and we will be back on Monday with more coverage. Happy 4th of July!