The Week In Preview

Happy Monday Families!

Let me start off this blog entry by saying that "My Skittles Cup Runneth Over"!! 


We received three boxes of goodies today.  Thanks to all for your generosity and the very kind and supportive notes that came with all the treats.  As always the treats will be shared among our awesome WebTeam, plus the many other AOG folks who come trolling the hallway outside WebGuy Central to see what might have arrived in the mail.  I am keeping for myself the individual Skittles box that came with my name written on it, however.  We will also be dropping some off to our crack IT team who built this website from the ground up and who make sure that it keeps working like it should.  Some of you families from the Classes of 2017 and 2018 may remember that on our old site during BCT, in order to get the photos uploaded every night, we had to literally take the site offline for as much as two hours at a time.  With this site, the upload is fast and easy and no downtime.  It's the photo editing that take the most time now.  You can all be online and downloading at once and we can be uploading thousands of photos all at the same time and it all works.  Bada Bing!  The photos are all stored on servers at Amazon, (yes THAT Amazon), so we are in the big time now.  All you computer geeks out there, don't start emailing with technical questions, cause I don't know the answers.  I just told the IT guys what I wanted and they made it happen.  Also, NO we can't do facial recognition.  We would have to charge you all Much Much More each month for that much technology.  Besides, what would you all do every night if you weren't hunting?  (Don't answer that.)

So, what does this week look like?  Well, today and tomorrow are the last intramurals for this BCT.  We did our best to find the elusive Cross-Country IC runners and we had some success there.  Today's photos are all up.  Tomorrow's main coverage will be intramurals as well.  After intramurals in the morning, the Basics will be making up appointments that they may have missed, practicing for the flight drill evaluations, and doing something called Impact Testing.  I'm not sure what that actually entails, but I hope it doesn't involve running into anything hard.  Just kidding.  I Googled it though out of curiosity, and you can too if you are interested.

Although our coverage tomorrow is limited to intramurals, our main coverage Wednesday will be the Flight Drill Evaluations.  They'll be marching by flight, and being evaluated on on the basic drill movements.  In some past years they have worn their blues for the first time for this.  Last year it was ABUs.  We'll find out soon enough what it will be this year.  A word of caution here.  We have definite rules for photographing during this type of activity.  If you have seen some of the noon meal formation photos, we can't get too close this year.  Even though we will use a long lens, we don't always get that individual close-up many of you are hoping for.   Don't expect to see smiles either.  Never-the-less, we will be shooting from close enough on the Terrazzo to get some good stuff for you. 

Thursday and  Friday's coverage will include the AFT and the second PFT plus haircuts.  I know you all know what Saturday is.  ;-)

So there is the preview of the week.  I am headed to the Prep School for I-Day on Wednesday, but I'll be back here with more details about the March-Out and a Jacks Valley preview later in the week. 

That's it for now!  Enjoy your evening!