PFT Makeup Day-T Day 11/8/23



PFT Standards for Pull-ups:

Must start from a complete "dead hang" bottom position on the pull-up bar. 

Palms facing away.

Shoulders completely relaxed.

Elbows locked out in the 180-degree position.

Every pull-up must be initiated with the arms. 

Initiating a pull-up by swinging the legs in not allowed. 

Kicking or extending the legs in order to raise the chin above the bar is not allowed. 

The test will be terminated if the Basic dismounts from the bar. 

PFT Standards for Sit-ups: 

Begin by lying face up with feet anchored, shoulder blades and buttocks in contact with the ground, and knees bent at 90 degrees. 

Arms crossed over chest with open hands or fingers at shoulders or resting on upper chest. 

A toe hold bar may be used by hooking feet or toes under the bar with the heels in contact with the ground at all times. 

Basics may not grab their shirt. 

The test will be terminated if the Basic rests in the down position. 

PFT Standards for Long Jump 

Inform the instructor whether you will be taking a practice jump.

The practice jump cannot count for their score under any circumstances.

Must start behind a designated line.

The feet must be parallel to starting line and the cadets cannot jump prior to the actual start of the jump. 

Once the practice jump is complete the basics will perform 2 jumps.

If the Basic faults on both jumps, that Basic will receive a 0 for this exercise. 

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