In Processing Day 2021, Welcome Class of 2025

The morning started off bright and early at 0700, as the first appointees of the Class of 2025 were dropped off at the (HAC Holaday Athletic Center).


They went into the Holiday Athletic Center for Covid testing, bloodwork etc. For privacy reasons Webguy did not cover these stations. This was where they were given a mask to wear and will be wearing them throughout the rest of the day.  Some may be wondering why they have to wear a mask.  Although Covid restrictions had become less stringent, there are still CDC guidelines in place regarding vaccination, masks, social distancing and limit on gathering size that the Department of Defense (DoD) is adhering to.  Hopefully in the near future and the end of ROM (restriction of movement) and Covid test results are back, the mask requirement will change.

The Basics then headed to the Cadet Gym where the Cadet Oath of Alligiance was given.  The Oath taken today is the binding oath stating they have committed to the Air Force Academy.  This is a significant moment in their day and cadet career. While they waited for the gym to fill for the group to take the Oath, they  spent this time study the  cadet handbook called Contrails.  Throughout basic training the basics will be required to study the book's information and memorize it.  This book has various information on things they will need to know now that are in the military, such as Honor Code, Cadet Ranking Terminology, Airman's Creed, and Code of Conduct. Throughout basic you will see photos of them studying this book.



Due to long weather rain and lightining delays, the In Processing has taken longer than expected.  Our photographers are just getting back from capturing the basics as they went through several areas.  Due to the delay, WebGuy will be putting up Drop off and Oath tonight for you to view.  We will continue to edit and process photos tomorrow and upload them, as we get them done by sections.  Please be patient while we work hard to get them to you as quickly as possible.  We have several thousands of photos to edit and process.  If this year is like last year, we will have over 24,000 photos to edit!

You can find I-Day photos under, Classes > 2025 > In-Processing. At the top of the page set photo order OLDEST to NEWEST. Then click on the start page ().or click the links below.

I Day Drop Off pgs 3-71  Drop Off

I Day Oath  pgs. 71-123   Oath