Heritage Minute - P.O.W. Memorial

Today is a transition day for the Basics coming out of Jacks Valley and our next group getting ready to March Out as well as a reset day for our cadre. It's a perfect day for a Heritage Minute on the P.O.W. Memorial.

The sculpture is located at the entrance to the Southeast Asia Pavilion, and features the names of the 33 Air Force Academy graduates who were prisoners of war during the Vietnam War.

We hope you enjoyed this Heritage Minute as much as we do!

Also we wanted to take a second and send out a HUGE thank you for all the regional snacks and treats! They have been amazing to have before we head out into the field and especially when we get back to edit all the photos!!!

We have another great week of coverage coming up and we are super excited to be out there capturing as much as we can for you all!