Jump Am-490 Session 1 Group 1

The weather yesterday morning was beautiful and the cadets in this morning’s group had great conditions. After all their hard work in ground training they were able to put those learned skills to the test.






A typical week down at AM-490 for the summer periods involves Ground Training from Monday to Wednesday and then first thing Thursday morning the Cadets are bussed up to Denver to experience a Wind-Tunnel and then brought back down to the Academy to begin jumping. The weather in the summer here at the Academy usually consists of windy afternoons, so we never know what will happen once we get to the Jumps. Thankfully each group that goes through AM-490 has 2 weeks from start to finish to achieve their 5 jumps to earn their wings. Their second week is specifically for the Cadets and Staff going through AM-490 to have multiple jump opportunities until they achieve their 5th and final jump.

We will be back down at the airfield for the 2nd group of session 1 ground training and jumps.

To view all the photos from group 1’s Jump go to Galleries > Summer Programs > Jump or click on the link below.