What to expect in the Academic Year at the US Air Force Academy

Our coverage of your Cadets is far from over, while over the course of the Summer we were providing coverage just about every day the Academic year is slightly different day to day wise but our coverage range includes many different events.

Those of you who were glued to your computer screens during BCT this summer most likely saw random blogs about upperclassmen programs. That is far from over! During the Academic year we will continue at the Airfield for glimpses of Jump, Soaring and Powered Flight as well as RPA up on the hill. Keep in mind, with the Academic Year now upon us you will most likely see less coverage of specific classes and more generalized coverage. We do our best to cover everyone at the events we go to, but unlike summer it is a bit harder to do as we tell the story of a cadet’s time at USAFA.

Academics for your cadets started on Thursday this week and we hope they are settling into their classes. Below we will go into depth about what coverage will look like this year as well as how to navigate our website and where you’ll find pictures.

Under the Galleries drop down you will notice the following Galleries: Academics, Military Training, Airmanship, Extracurricular, and Summer Programs.

In the Academics Gallery, in the past we have been able to get a glimpse of the Fall and Spring Semester Major and Career Nights here at USAFA.

Under Military Training you will see pre-made Galleries such as; Recognition, BCT Cadre (for those Cadre pictures from this past summer). PFT/AFT - just like during BCT we will be catching glimpses of the Academic Year PFT and AFT, though with it being during the school year it is spread out over several days and the Cadets will show up for both when their schedule allows. Throughout the school year Cadets will participate it different types of Character and Leadership Development workshops, forums, etc. and as we cover those we will go into more detail about each event.

The Extracurricular Gallery is where you will find most of our year round coverage. We will have the opportunity to get coverage of many different types of Cadet Clubs, from the Speech and Debate team, Combat Shooting team, Sports Clubs and more. Our coverage of Parents Weekend falls under Extracurricular so in a few weeks that's where the pictures we take will end up. We also love the Parent Club State Nights, so if you plan on having one here at USAFA please email us at and keep us in the know!

In the Summer Programs Gallery you will find ESET/EST which the now C4C’s will participate in next summer as well as other upperclassmen programs. While other Upperclassmen programs also take place during the summer periods EST is the only Upperclassmen program that is specific to summer which is why it is on its own in this gallery.

There are so many other things that we cover during the year, so make sure to keep checking in with us as we go out and about. We will be getting year round coverage both at the Academy and the Prep School so we hope you enjoy this year’s coverage as we continue to capture moments!

Finally, at the bottom of each blog for an event we will give you direction on how to navigate the website to see the group of pictures from that event as well as providing a link to go directly to the first page of those pictures. If you notice when clicking the gallery that the pictures we are referencing are not there, try changing your page setting (whether you are looking at it from oldest to newest, or newest to oldest) and that should do the trick!

If you ever have questions about our coverage or would like to share information about an upcoming event that you’re not sure if we know about, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate parent’s sharing information and even pictures with us about events that their cadets are involved in at the academy, nationally and internationally. We also encourage that if you have taken any pictures of your Cadets at an event and you would like to share them with us to email us again at so that we can promote and share your pictures with others through the Public Gallery section of our website. 

We are so proud of how far your Cadets have come and cannot wait to continue see the class of 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019 as they grow into our future Air Force Officers!

We hope you all have a great weekend and welcome to the academic year!