Intro to Field Day

Tomorrow is Field Day.  One of our favorite parts of BCT.  It is the culminating event of 1st Beast. It is certainly one of the most fun events in BCT. The squadrons compete against one another in each field day event in order to hopefully earn the title of "BCT 1 Field Day Champions". Here are some shots from past couple years to give you a feel of what some of the Field Day events are like.

Opening ceremony

Distance Run


Steeple Chase


Log Carry

For those families that are close by and willing to make the trip to USAFA, Field Day starts at 0630 and ends about 1030 on the Athletic Fields. You won't be able to interact with your Basic face to face but you might be able to catch a glimpse of them participating in the events. Spectators are allowed to sit on the bleachers next to the athletic fields, but are not allowed to interact with Basics in any way.  If you come by, you can also view the Noon Meal Formation from the Chapel Wall.  We have photographers deployed that day and we should be able to get lots of good photos of the action.  Of course we always include the disclaimer about those elusive, camera shy, Basics.  Remember, that in order to come on base before 9:00am, you will need a DoD ID.