Blue Rush 2021

Blue Rush Event

Location:  Vandy Quads

Approx. 80 Cadet Clubs are at USAFA. 

Every year USAFA holds their annual Blue Rush. Blue Rush is a club fair for the Class of 2025 to see all the different cadet clubs USAFA has to offer. Some clubs are Sports related, Recreational/Service, Mission-based or Academic. With so many clubs to choose from the Cadets are given 3 plus hours to walk around and learn about each club by other Cadets who are currently members. With it being a new academic year, clubs numbers have slightly dropped with the graduating class having left. Now is the time for try-outs and bringing new Cadets in. This event is a mandatory activity for the new Cadets and optional for upperclassmen.

Below are just a few of the many clubs offered at USAFA.  With so many choices there seemed to be something for everyone. 




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Blue Rush 2021 pgs. 1-22  Blue Rush 2021