Welcome to WebGuy Class of 2026!

For parents of new cadets entering basic training, WebGuy becomes your new best friend! During the academic year WebGuy is a window into cadet life with our blog and photo galleries.

WebGuy is not just for new parents, it is a year round program providing a glimpse into Academy life! Follow WebGuy all four years and enjoy a sneak peek into all of the opportunities that come with the cadet's Academy experience. 

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Common WebGuy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Who is “WebGuy”?

WebGuy is not a singular person but rather a team of talented photographers, editors, bloggers, and IT professionals who work for the Association of Graduates at the United States Air Force Academy.

How do I find photos of my cadet, cadet candidate, or squadron?

Access the blog first. Click the link to the gallery at bottom of the blog post. Sometimes links to individual squadrons are listed within blog posts.

How often do you post?

Our posting frequency depends on what events are happening at USAFA and the Prep School. We post more during the summer because that is when most of the significant events happen (like BCT and BMT).

How will I know when new photos have been uploaded?

You will know new photos have been uploaded when you see a new blog post on the WebGuy website. Blog posts will also be shared on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Can you take more photos of my son/daughter? 

We do not have any physical contact with the basics and we do not know the names of the basics.

How do I contact WebGuy?

You can email us at

You can also contact us on our Facebook Page or Instagram Page.  


WebGuy Rules of Engagement (ROE).

ROE is set forth by the United States Air Force Academy's Public Affairs and adopted by WebGuy at the Association of Graduates to ensure military training comes first and is respected by all in the training areas.

Therefore, this summer our WebTeam will abide by the following:

  • The primary goal is to maintain a professional training environment in which civilian media presence does not impact the goals and outcomes of BCT.
  • Photographers are not a part of training, and will not impact it in any way. Basic cadets should not know that they are being photographed or videotaped
  • Photographers will not encourage smiling, waving, flashing signals, or otherwise breaking bearing.
  • In most cases, basic cadets and cadet cadre will be unaware of the presence of photographers and other media entities.
  • Photographers will not enter a basic cadet’s room or tent while basic cadets are present.