Men's Rugby Championship

The D1A Rocky Mountain Conference 7s Tournament is the continuation of a long line of 7s Rugby along the Eastern Rockies beginning in the spring of 1968. Although the organization's name and the growth of the sport have changed the landscape slightly, the foundation of 7s Tournaments remains as it was over 40 years ago. 

During the early years, all teams competed in the same tournament – men’s town teams and collegiate programs. Eventually, the colleges separated into their own division and with the evolution of USA Rugby in 2011 the current format within college rugby 7s at a national level began to take shape.

Zoomie Men's Rugby has had an excellent Springs 7s campaign winning both the Utah Valley University 7s and the Kansas City Invitational 7s Tournaments and as above, winning this past weekend the Rocky Mountain Conference 7s Championships.  For more information, go to Rocky Mountain Rugby Conference 7s Tournament at USAFA (


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Men's Rugby Championship Photos