Jacks Valley - Cobras, Guts, and Flying Tigers

The weather was warm in Colorado today, with a high of 90 degrees. Cobras were at the confidence course today, Guts were at the obstacle course, and Flying Tigers were at the assualt course. 

Obstacle Course - The Obstacle Course will teach and require basic cadets to negotiate physically challenging obstacles. It is designed to assess their physical fitness, agility, and confidence and increase awareness of personal capabilities. 


Confidence Course – The Confidence Course develops and assesses basic cadets' self-confidence and physical capabilities by guiding them, as individuals and teams, through a selected group of 15 obstacles that vary in height and difficulty. The course requires all basic cadets to demonstrate physical dexterity, teamwork, and cohesion to achieve successful outcomes. 


Assault Course - The Assault Course teaches hand-to-hand combat skills and rifle fighting techniques while allowing basic cadets to practice these elements in control. The course is designed to assess basic cadets' mental and physical stamina and confidence. 


Photos are organized by squadron. To view photos by squadron, go to CLASSES > 2026 > BCT-2. You can select your squadron from there. Sort order must be first set to OLDEST to NEWEST.

Cobras - Pages 161 - 198 - Confidence Course

Guts - Pages 57 - 101 - Obstacle Course 

Flying Tigers - Pages 1 - 67 - Assault Course