Summary Sunday

Hey WebFamilies, today your Basics began BCT 2 with a whole new set of Cadre. The technical transition was during the Rodeo yesterday, where all of the new Cadre arrived at the Academy and moved into their rooms. When the Basics and their BCT 1 Cadre returned from the Rodeo, those Cadre were able to start packing up and heading out. Most of the Cadre will have headed for home during their 3rd Period for summer break or if they had that during 1st Period, they'll be involved in another program through the Academy, maybe Ops or even being an IP down at the Airfield, or as a Cadre for BMT at the Prep School as an example.

Everything from June 30th through July 15th was posted in BCT 1, the BCT PFT/AFT, BCT Intramurals, Field Day, or the Rodeo Gallery. From tomorrow through the end of BCT 2 most pictures will be posted in the BCT 2 Gallery, but when we have coverage of the PFT, AFT or Intramurals you will see those pictures in their respective Galleries. Big Bad Basic during Jacks Valley will also have it's own Gallery.

On Sunday and Monday this week, the Basics were brought back to the AOG/Doolittle Hall to take the Southasia Memorial Tour. This is something new that started last year during Basic and many past Grads volunteered again this year to assist in teaching the Class of 2021 about the history of their Air Force and the Academy. We have several highlights put together below that show the different locations they visited while back at Doolittle Hall and the people they got to hear from.

On Friday morning Field Day took place. This is one of the more fun events that happen during BCT 1 and is great for building morale between the Basics and their Squadrons. Below is a glimpse of the Opening Ceremonies.

Let the games begin! The Basics participated in 9 different events; Air Strike, Distance Run, Dodgeball, Steeple Chase, Gurrilla Relay, Log Relay, Sprint Relay, Female Tug-of-War, and Male Tug-of-War. Enjoy the clips below!

During the Closing Ceremonies, the Basics heard from their Commandant of Cadets; Brigadier General Kristin Goodwin.


Here is the end results of the Field Day events!

The winners of each specific event were;

Air Strike: Cobras

Distance Run: Aggressors

Dodgeball: Hellcats

Steeple Chase: Barbarians

Gurrilla Relay: Executioners

Log Relay: Hellcats

Sprint Relay: Barbarians

Womens Tug-of-War: Cobras

Mens Tug-of-War: Cobras

Cadre vs Basics Champions: Basics!

Overall Champion for Class of 2021 was Cobras!

After Field Day was the BCT 1 Awards Ceremony, during this ceremony multiple Cadre were recognized for their achievements during BCT 1, below are the highlights from Noon Meal Formation and the Awards Ceremony.

On Saturday your Basics got to relax and enjoy pizza and other foods while being entertained at the Rodeo. We got a short clip of the croud while they were there.

This coming week for your Basics will be a busy one. They will participate in more Intramurals, enjoy a Airmanship Demo (as long as the weather is in agreement), perform in Flight Drill Evaluations for their Cadre, experience their first AFT and have their second round of PFT.  Next Saturday is Doolie Day Out, where your Basics will have the chance to call home as well as relax off base for the day and then the Jacks Valley portion of BCT 2 begins.

We hope you are all having a great weekend. We will be bringing more coverage your way tomorrow!