Blue Rush

This afternoon the Academy had their annual Blue Rush.

Every year at the beginning of the Fall Semester the Academy holds their annual Blue Rush in Arnold Hall. Blue Rush allows all of the 4 Degrees to see what the Academy offers in the form of Cadet Clubs. Some clubs are Sports related, Recreational/Service, Mission based or Academic. With so many clubs to choose from the Cadets are given 3 hours to walk around and learn about each club by other Cadets who are currently members. With it being the new year, clubs numbers have slightly dropped with the graduating class having left. Now is the time for try-outs and bringing new Cadets in. This event is a mandatory activity for the new 4 Degrees and optional for upperclassmen.

I can tell you that like last year, I lost my voice stopping by as many of the tables as I could get to during the event to gather information about each club.

Below are just a few of the many clubs offered at the Academy. Last year we made a big effort to try to get involved with as many as we could and a lot of WebGuy coverage throughout the academic year will be stopping by club meetings, games, social events. We look forward to being able to be a part of the Cadet Clubs again this year.



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Blue Rush!