Jump 490 Aerials

It was a difficult week for Jump 490.  The weather was not very cooperative with high winds on Tuesday and early Wednesday morning.  A few cadets were able to jump during the second go on Wed.  Thursday brought in freezing temperatures.  Friday saw gusty winds again which made jumping for the morning first go kind of sporty.  Second morning go was cancelled.


Normally Webguy tries to photograph their first jumps and it is nice when each day completes their first jump all on the same day.  This week however, some cadets jumped on the day their were scheduled as well as the following day if their schedule allowed.  Some started suited up but then didn't jump due to weather. Almost all of them jumped on Saturday.  What this means for parents is that there may be two or even three set of photos for some cadets, but only one for another cadet jumper.  WebGuy is not playing favorites, but photographing everyone they could on each day.  It took 4 days to try and capture everyone at least once.  And since some jumped on days they normally wouldn't have, you might want to scroll through M and T day to see if your cadet is in both.  There will also be a link for Saturday pictures.

As stated in the Jump Ground blog, Airmanship 490's purpose is to develop leadership traits through overcoming their fears and coping with stressful situations.  The program starts with 30 hours of instruction in basic free fall parachuting technique and procedure, to include emergency situations they may encounter when jumping.  The successful completion of 5 Jumps results in being awarded the Air Force Basic Parachutist Badge "Jump Wings", which they can wear on their uniform for the rest of their Air Force Career.

Prior to each jump, they will have their jump gear inspected by the instructors, get a final briefing on weather conditions, exiting the aircraft and proper jump technique.  And sometimes they just have to wait for the winds to calm down before they can load into the plane.



As they walk out of the building they touch the Jump Wings for good luck!


Then it is time to load up into the Twin Otter Airplane which will take them up to the jump altitude and out they jump when instructed by the jump master.


AM-490 is the only program in the entire world where the first jump is an unassisted freefall.



The joy and relief they must feel is written clearly on their faces as they walk back to the middle landing area to pack up their parachute.



Every now and then a Jump 490 student lands on the orange X!


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Fall 2021 Jump 490 Aerial T Day pgs. 523 (bottom of page)-540    T Day

Fall 2021 Jump 490 Aerial M Day pgs. 540 (second to last row)-571    M Day

Fall 2021 Jump 490 Aerial Saturday pgs. 571 (Second row from top)-608    Saturday