Have you missed us?

Now that you've probably sorted through all the March Back and Heritage Day pictures, you might be wondering where WebGuy is? We're here, resting, finally! A weekend off? What is that?! Ok, well WebGuy Prep is going strong today so we're not all off. 

You won't see any new pictures from us until Tuesday, Acceptance Day. Although, once we get firm information, we'll have a blog for you on that!


What we do know: 6 August in the morning is the parade. More details coming!


So what have your basics been doing? Getting their computers, CAC cards and starting to transition to the college side of the Academy with academics. Today they move into their squadrons, away from their BCT buddies. Upperclassmen start to return and USAFA starts looking like the state schools of more kids around, and the library filling up with kids studying. 


We have truly enjoyed taking you on the journey of BCT 2019 with us. We look forward to Academic year 2019-2020 and all the fun things to come! You won't see or hear from us every day but know we're around capturing key moments of the cadet experience! 


See you all on Tuesday! 

The WebTeam