2021 March Out to Jacks Valley #2

It was a warm beautiful Colorado morning for the second March Out of 2021.  The Executiners, Flying Tigers, Guts and Hellcats made their way to Jacks Valley for their week of training.

The March Out began on the Terrazzo and down the Honor Ramp towards the Cadet Athletic area.  The march then continued to the West gate for entrance into Jacks Valley. It was a 6.2 mile hike from the Terrazzo to the set up area of Jacks Valley.

WebGuy photographers were at various locations this morning capturing the Jacks Valley March Out and Set Up.



Honor Ramp and March through the Cadet Athletic Area


March into Jacks Valley


Speech by Superintendent Lt. Gen. Clark and Commandant Brig. Gen. Moga 


Jacks Valley Set Up


Since there really isn’t a split like there usually is between BCT-1 and BCT-2, we will be loading all pictures that take place in Jacks Valley into BCT-2 and everything that happens in Cadet Area into BCT-1. So this week look for E,F,G, H squadrons in BCT-2 and A,B,C,D squadrons in BCT-1.  However, this year Squadrons A-D will be doing CATM (Combat Arms Training and Maintenance) during this time so the CATM photos will be uploaded under BCT-2 which is considered a Jacks Valley Course.

Assault, Confidence and Obstacle Courses will be edited and uploaded the same day they take place. CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological,Nuclear Defense and Explosives) is done in the afternoon and CATM is an all day event. Therefore those events will be posted the following day.

Today is just the beginning of their time in Jacks Valley. There is a lot more to come so get ready to see your Basic go through each Course, challenging themselves more than they probably ever have before.  

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Terrazzo and March Out pgs. 1122-1136

March into Jacks Valley pgs. 1136-1148

Superintendent and Commandant Speech pgs. 1148-1160

Jacks Valley Set-up pgs. 1160-1175