BCT 1 Awards

Hello All!   Hope you are all having a great weekend.  All the photos from yesterday are finally up in the  Class of 2020 Field Day Gallery.  We had a small glitch in the FTP server (for you techies out there), but all seems to be good now.  Yesterday was our biggest photo day of BCT so far, so hopefully we caught a glimpse of everyone who was there and willing to have their photo taken.  Included in this gallery is the Noon Meal Formation and the BCT Award winners. Congrats to all pictured below.  C2C Hunter Pace (Outstanding Flight Staff Member), C1C Rich Araya (Outstanding Flight Commander), C2C Sam Schell, (Outstanding Squadron Staff Member), C1C Jaime Torres (Outstanding Squadron Commander),  C1C Tim Burgess, (Outstanding Group Staff Member), C1C Kat Ybarra (Outstanding OSS Staff Member), and Capt Chase Lang (Outstanding Assoc Air Office Commanding). 





Speaking of Cadre... You will notice a new gallery under the Class of 2020.  That is where we are putting the Cadre photos.  There are lots of photos in there as of today and we will continue to update throughout BCT, so you families of upper class cadets can look there instead of seaching through all the BCT 1 photos.  We won't update that gallery every day, but will do our best to keep it current.

As I write this, the Basics are all at the Rodeo as are our photographers.  Those photos will all have their own gallery just like Field Day, so look for that new icon under Class of 2020 when those photos start to upload. 

Tomorrow is Summary Sunday.  There will be lots of video for you to see, but all our photographers (except WebHatter and me) will have a well deserved day off.  WebHatter will be getting that great summary blog posted and I will be down at the Prep School to catch the arrival of the prior enlisted cadet candidates to the Prep School Class of 2017.  

Next week's BCT coverage highlights will include two days of intramurals, flight drill evaluations on the terrazzo, and haircuts in preparation for Doolie Day Out.   Next week also marks the beginning of our USAFA Prep School BMT (Basic Military Training) coverage.  I-Day for the Prep School is July 20th.  The Prep School has their own portal under the Classes tab above, so you new Prep families can keep track of your Basic Cadet Candidate's progress through BMT and the rest of the Prep year in the same way that the USAFA families do.

OK.  That's it for this blog.  Enjoy the rodeo photos when they go up and all the videos tomorrow.  Try to get outside and get some fresh air away from your computers.  ;-)