Tailor Shop Executioners and Demons

The Tailor Shop has a major role to play whether in fitting uniforms or servicing basic cadets. The Tailor Shop fits and measures all sorts of uniform requirements and sews all required apparel and accessories within the guidelines and in accordance with the USAFA standards, issuing name tags; hard and soft ranks; maintenance, and customer service provided daily for support and care. 

According to the USAFA website, once the basics become cadets, they will wear a large variety of military uniforms. Primarily, cadets wear Airman Battle Uniforms (ABUs) and some form of blues. Service dress is commonly worn for more formal events, and mess dress is worn for the most formal events. Cadets also wear physical conditioning (PC) gear for physical education classes and tests. Parade dress and flight suits are also worn.

To view photos by squadron, go to CLASSES > 2026 > BCT-1. You can select your squadron from there. Sort order must be first set to OLDEST to NEWEST. 

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