BCT Updates

Hello USAFA Families,

Today we just wanted to take a moment to update you on some things for this week.

We want to start by saying we at WebGuy do not have a favorite squadron or even flight, they all are! We do our best to capture every squadron and flight doing an activity we can cover based on the schedule provided. This does not mean that we get everyone, remember the camera evaders? But also, due to reasons we have no control over, sometimes flights must go at other times than scheduled for the day. As much as we wish, we don’t have that direct line update from each squadron if that happens. Know that if you see a squadron do something, your basic is going through the same thing.

This week brings some different coverage than the previous. We will not be getting each squadron every day. Each morning we will let you know, so that you do not all sit around waiting until the late afternoon over here in Colorado for updates.

Today for example: Aggressors, Cobras, Demons, Flying Tigers, Guts and Hellcats won’t see coverage.

We know you would like to see your basics, we like to cover them, however, there are places we simply cannot go.

Please do note that in BCT 2 when they head out to Jacks Valley specific coverage by squadron will increase as they run the courses. There will be a more detailed blog about that coming on Sunday, the day before they head out to Jacks.

We appreciate every one of you that signed on for Membership to receive WebGuy as a benefit along with the other amazing things that the Family Plan offers.

Hopefully each of you get that magic shot of your basic as they grow through these six weeks and through their next four years here at the Academy.

Thank you!

The WebTeam

We'll be back this afternoon with those coverage updates for Barbarians, and Executioners!