Wednesday afternoon and into the evening, we were able to stop by almost all Commissioning Ceremonies. Please understand with the ceremonies that we were not there to capture each cadet experience as they were sworn in. Our presense was merely to give parents a glimse of Commissioning and to overall celebrate the Cadets from the class of 2019 becoming Officers after having been officially sworn into the United States Air Force. However, this is where you come in, you might have seen our call out on Facebook, or maybe not because you were busy celebrating your 2019 graduate! If you did miss it here it is below:

Calling all you Class of 2019 photographers. We are out in force today to catch as much of Commissioning as possible. We know we can't get everyone, but this is your chance to be WebGuy for a day. We want to see your Commissioning and Graduation Day photos. Here's the link to upload them. It's free. Just enter our email address, your email address and tell us what squadron in the message. Then hit the big blue button and add your photos. We'll add them to our Graduation Week gallery for the Class of 2019 and create a special blog entry. Let's see what happens. 

An added feature, which should help you sort through pictures, and we know this is not the perfect solution but we also didn't expect our team here to get so many amazing pictures of almost every squadron, we added a sub-folder to Graduation Week. You can find Commissioning pictures by timeframe! Now do not fret if you cannot remember, here's the list of times for all the squads. The 1200 and 1430 times will be included in the 1:30 Commissioning Gallery. 

Time Squadron Location
1330 1 HAC
1630 2 Memorial Wall
1630 3 Golf Course
1630 4 Clune
1430 5 Carleton House
1630 6 Polaris
1630 7 Ahall Ballroom
1330 8 B52
1630 9 Class Wall
1330 10 Ahall Theater
1630 11 FalconClub West
1330 12 H-1
1330 13 Class Wall
1930 14 Falcon Club East
1630 15 Doolittle Hall
1630 16 H-2
1330 17 Doolittle Hall
1330 18 Clune
1200 19 Ground Training
1930 20 A Hall Ballroom
1630 21 F1
1930 22 F1
1330 23 Air Gardens
1330 24 Polaris
1630 25 Falcon Club East
1330 26 Falcon Club East
1330 27 Thunderbird
1630 28 Air Academy 
1330 29 FalconClub West
1330 30 Ahall Ballroom
1630 31 Ahall Theater
1330 32 F1
1330 33 Memorial Wall
1930 34 FalconClub West
1930 35 Polaris
1930 36 Ahall Theater
1630 37 Ground Training
1630 38 Air Gardens
1330 39 Golf Course
1630 40 HAC






For the direct link click: Commission 130, Commission 430, Commission 730