PT Continues...

It was a beautiful Colorado morning with the sun out and perfect temperatures for some early morning PT! The squadrons continue to rotate to the various physical training locations, getting conditioned in cardio and strength training.

Each squadron started the morning with stretches and light exercise to get them ready for the main portion of the PT session.  Then it was a steady pace at each location for the duration of the PT session with the focus being on performing each exercise correctly as well as increase the ability of their cardiovascular and muscular system.  Being at higher altitude is definitely something many Basics can feel and are steadily adapting to.

The locations for the PT sessions were the same as previous listed in the blogs.

Outdoor Track:  Pull-ups, push-ups, split jumps, knee highs, and jumping jacks are just a few of the exercises the basic cadets did this morning.


Outdoor Courts:  Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, jumps, low hurdle jumps and sprints.


Middle Athletic Field:  The cardio here consisted of running up and down the hill several times.  They also did a 2 mile run. It was nice to see squadmates cheering each other on at the end with several going back to help others finish after they had completed their run.


Lower Athletic Field:  Aggressors and Barbarians-The lower fieled consisted of shorter sprints and lots of them. An example is 200 yard run with a 50 yard walk.  They also did a 2 mile run.


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Outdoor Track pgs. 714-731  Guts and Hellcats

Outdoor Courts pgs. 693 (bottom of page)-714  Executioners and Flying Tigers

Middle Athletic Field pgs. 666-693  Cobras and Demons

Lower Athletic Field pgs. 648(bottom of page)-666  Aggressors and Barbarians