Acceptance Day Planning

Good Morning Families,

Well, it's still morning here in Colorado.  Good afternoon to you folks in the right two time zones.  With the last few days at Jacks Valley approaching and the last upper class cadet groups going through their training evolutions, I'm sure we can all begin to allow ourselves to see the end of summer training in sight.  Like you, we on the WebGuy team have lived our lives according to the dictates of the USAFA summer training schedules since right after the Class of 2016 threw their hats in the air.   Just like the Basics need to keep their focus on continuing to take things a day at a time until BCT ends on 6 August, we will continue to make sure we do the same.  That being said, now is the time to also begin to think about transitioning to the academic year.

First order of business is what to expect between now and next Saturday.  The JV courses and training will continue as usual right through Monday.  We will continue our course coverage.  We are very mindful that some of you are still hoping for your cadet sighting and we are doing our best to not disappoint.  There are still lots of pictures to come.  Tuesday will begin the transition with a culminating event (which we will not cover) in the morning, and the BIG BAD BASIC Pugil Stick Competition  in the afternoon, which we WILL cover.  Wednesday is the March Back. That doesn't mean they are done.  Basic Training continues right up to the final luncheon on Saturday and we will be back with our coverage from the Cadet Area.  I will have more details in later blogs as we begin to cover the final week's training.

Now for a word about Acceptance Day.  For those of you planning to travel to USAFA for the Acceptance Day activities, here is some info for you to help manage your expectations.  First, remember that you MUST remain flexible.  Each of the 40 cadet squadrons has their own leadership and their own traditions, so how they handle things will differ from squadron to squadron.   Here is the official info from the Commandant of Cadets regarding the Acceptance Parade. 

"ACCEPTANCE PARADE. This will take precedence over all other activities. Only cadets enrolled in airmanship programs with scheduled flying/academics and upper class cadets with scheduled intercollegiate practices and selected cadets notified ... will be excused. Basic cadet intercollegiate cadets will attend the parade... 0845 Assembly, 0900 March-on... Fourth-class cadets will be released from 1100-1250 to visit with family/guests and may eat anywhere ON BASE. Non-cadet guests MUST pay $5.55 to eat at Mitchell Hall. The Mitchell hall meal will be buffet from 1100-1245."

As we get closer next week, I will have more detailed info about the parade, where to sit, what time to arrive, etc.  I do recommend arriving in Colorado Springs the day before, however.   I have also heard rumors from various parent groups in my recent travels that cadets may be able to stay with their families longer than the time allotted above.  In looking at the transition schedule, I can see that the new 4th Class Cadets will all have to be in a mandatory briefing at 1300 (1:00PM), so the likelyhood that you will have more time with them is zero.  Do them a favor and help them be on time for that briefing.  On that note, I have also heard that some parents are planning elaborate lunches.  My advice is to follow the K.I.S.S. principle.  Two hours goes by fast.  In your planning make sure that you keep the needs and wishes of your Cadet in mind rather than your own needs and wants.  Some cadets may want all their friends around and some may just want to be with you.  Make sure you are aware of their wishes before you plan something in a vacuum and are disappointed with the response.  Just my 2 cents.  More to come on Acceptance Day and the transition to academics as we get closer.

Back to the present.  Our photographers are still out catching the day's action as I write this.  Enjoy your day and check back later for all the photos.  :-)