And They're Off!

The Class of 2024 has arrived. The waiting is over.  The last appointee has been dropped off.  The last bus has been boarded. The first letters from parents have been written and dropped off with the Colorado Parents Club.  The last family has left the store at Doolittle Hall. This blog is going to be brief because as I write this, most of the photos are still in edit.  In fact the last photographers are still out catching the last basics on the footprints.  It's been a long day already.  By now most of the new basics should have joined their new BCT squadrons.  They are now officially basic cadets. 



Doolittle Hall is now quiet again. The only people left in the building now are the WebGuy folks, editing away!  I just checked status with the photo editors and the plan is to have about half of today's photos from today uploaded by tonight.  The rest will be up tomorrow.  Of course for you folks on the east coast, that means late. 

While you wait here is an overview of the day.








It was great to see so many of you at Doolittle Hall today.  Thank you all for your flexibility and patience during this very challenging year. We'll be ll be back with a short blog later tonight with a re-cap of todays activity and more info about what's in store in the coming weeks.

See you tomorrow  as the adventure continues!