Upperclassmen Programs

Hey WebFamilies of Upperclassmen Cadets, don't worry - we didn't forget about you!

This week we were able to cover several of the programs. We were able to stop by Soaring, Powered Flight, Jump and ESET.



The Basic Soaring program (Airmanship 251) provides a motivational experience for all 3rd class cadets. This program is the largest Glider operation in the world and its mission is to build character, and help motivate cadets as well as form the foundation of cadet exposure to military aviation, which is what many of them will do in their Air Force careers following their 4 years at the Academy. The cadets first experience soaring in the TG-10B or TG-16A which familiarizes them with aircraft controls, the ever-present crew checklists, area/pattern work, and the perspective to earth.

Cadets at Soaring are making their way through their 10-14 Flights. Once they have completed and passed 10 accompanied flights, they are able to go for their solo flight. Cadets will cycle through this program every two weeks.

To view the rest of the pictures from this weeks coverage of Soaring, go to Classes - 2019 - Soaring. Or click the link below.





3rd Class Cadets this summer will participate in AM-490, in other words Jump! It is one of the more challenging programs provided by USAFA, a parachuting training course that is the only location in the world where students perform their first jump all by themselves. Its purpose is to develop leadership traits through overcoming their own fears. They will be given instruction in basic free fall parachuting and familiarization with emergency parachuting. The successful completion of 5 Jumps results in award of the Air Force basic parachutist badge and completion during summer before sophomore year fills one of the few military training requirements that Cadets at USAFA have. Several hundred Cadets over the course of this summer will have to "STAND IN THE DOOR."

We covered one of their Ground Training Days this week, check back next week when we get more coverage during their 5th Jump day!

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Powered Flight

The Powered Flight Program is a capstone course that serves as a culmination of a cadet’s aviation education. Lessons in Air Force heritage and principles of engineering are applied in real-life scenarios during nine flights in a single engine propeller driven aircraft. The training includes ground and flight instruction using T-53s, military instructors provide a basic introduction to Air Force pilot training and the experience of powered flight. Based on proficiency, approximately 50% of these students will solo. The training includes ground and flight instruction under an Air Education and Training Command (AETC) flying syllabus.

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Powered Flight!




Expeditionary Survival and Evasion Training (ESET) Through this 10 day program, cadets complete their ESET and Commissioning Education Program requirements during the summer after their freshman year.

Cadets in ESET go through extensive training and are taught how to understand and execute necessary "deployed combat skills" and at the same time learning how to stay calm, coherent and be incredibly effective at thinking through things under pressure. Officers and Enlisted personnel as well as Cadet Cadre will work together to teach these skills throughout the summer.

To view the rest of the pictures taken in ESET this week, go to Classes - 2019 - ESET. Or click the link below.