Intramural Pictures Are Up!

The Basics had their first taste of Intramurals today. With the pictures below as examples you will see how mixed together the Squadrons got while playing different sports. Keep that in mind when looking through the Galleries, that you will most likely see Basics with a different Squadron color shirt on in your own Basics Gallery.

With Intramural Sports, there is also IC Sports. The Basics who will be participating in IC Sports in the Fall semester have the opportunity to start practicing with their team, for them Intramurals is when that happens. So if you see Basics in something other than their Squadron letter shirt. It is most likely a future IC Cadet.


For the rest of the day the Basics will be going through different types of briefings, such as "Time and Stress Management." This evening they will get to hear from a Keynote Speaker and then will break off into small groups for discussion with some of the Perm Party afterwards.

Tomorrow is another very light picture day which will hopefully give you all some time to catch up from our pictures today.

On Wednesday we will be getting more coverage as they begin to go through the Dentist, C-Store, Tailor shop, and more.

Wishing you all a Happy 4th of July!

Happy Hunting!